Becoming Her: Find Your Voice & Get Visible

So that you can become the woman you need to be to create the impact you want to make.

There are things about you that no one else has or does quite like you. Those unique gifts, talents, strengths and perspectives are what is going to make you stand out in a noisy market and attract the people that need you the most. 

And while those gifts and talents come easy to you, positioning them in a way and getting in front of the right people with the right message, doesn't always feel as natural for many of us. 

If your 2019 goal is around finally starting your own business, but don't yet have a clear plan, or you have a new business and are looking to elevate your brand and really take off in 2019, this might be for you. Creating your personal brand and getting you and your message visible in a way that reflects your uniqueness, speaks to your ideal customers and feels fun and exciting is what we'll work through in the Becoming Her personalized coaching program.

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Get to Know Her

Before you can start building your personal brand and becoming the boss lady you were meant to be, we first have to  get clear on who exactly that person is. We'll work through details and identify goals in both your work and personal life to make sure we build an authentic version of you that aligns and thrives in both.

Think Like Her

This is where we'll probably end up spending a lot of time. We usually already know what we should be doing, but because of fear, uncertainty or limiting beliefs we don't do those things and we play small. We'll talk about mindset blocks and how to move past them to allow yourself to be who you really want to become. 

Act Like Her

This is where we'll talk strategy. How would your version of Beyonce's Sasha Fierce show up? What would she do to get visible? What is her game plan to make sure it happens? We will also get into some of the tactics around website, social media and content creation tools and resources.

Here's What You'll Walk Away With

Clarity around the women you want to be the face of your business. A plan to start becoming her. Tools and tactics for showing up as her consistently.

"Promote your strengths. Remind the world why you are special and why it's special to do business with you."

- Mary Schnack

In the age we live in now, there are very few truly revolutionary new ideas. Instead, it's usually more about highlighting the unique spin you've put on your product or unique approach you have to offer and then getting creative making sure people understand the value and why it's for them.

Some of the ways we'll do that in the Becoming Her customized program is to:

  • Get clear on or revisit your ideal customer, what they care about and how your product/service can stand out for them
  • Find out what you want to be known for and build a personal brand identity around that to use to stand out
  • Create a weekly content strategy with ideas for your choice of platform (audio, written, video) and how to repurpose it for social media content 
  • Find and engage with potential clients in a meaningful way online and locally (when applicable)
  • Build an online presence that reflects your personal brand (website, social media profiles, email)
  • Work through doing your first video! Your followers want to hear and see from you so we'll develop a strategy you don't dread while getting you "out there!"
  • Give you the checklist you need to get your professional headshots taken in a way that reflect your personal message and how to use those photos in various ways
  • Share styling and makeup tips from expert guests to make sure you look and feel like the boss lady you are
  • Provide brand graphics, website creation and logo design tips from guest expert 
  • Eliminate stories and limiting beliefs and start to replace them with the strong mindset needed to make big things happen
  • and more! 



Hi, I'm Sarah! 

I'm a mom to a 5-year old superhero, book and podcast nerd, Elon Musk fan, avid spinner and creator of the Her Exchange community. What I've learned through building that group, the stories, questions and feedback I hear from our audience and from my 5-year media consultant role with a publishing company, is the power of a brand, how to wow customers, how to build trust and give value through content marketing for your niche, and the importance of having a clear vision you show up for consistently.

You can learn more about me here!

"If you are a small-business owner or looking to start your own lifestyle blog- this is the gal that you need to connect with. Sarah is amazing and has a wealth of knowledge to share! And she is genuinely one of the kindest human beings I have ever met."

Ashlee Short
Founder, FitFuel Fitness & Nutrition

Investment Options

Becoming Her Personalized Program: An 8-Week One-on-One Coaching Program to Get a Head Start on 2019 and Make It the Year Big Things Happened

Becoming Her Personalized Program



  • (8) 1-hr weekly planning calls
  • Unlimited Voxer support for questions in between and extra attention 
  • Weekly fun assignments to help you take action toward your 8-week goal
  • Social media, video and graphic design how-to tool videos as an added bonus to elevate your online presence 
  • Surprise gifts via snail mail  :) 
  • 14-day money back guarantee 
  • 50% off as a Founding Member

Becoming Her Personalized Program



  • (8) 1-hr weekly planning calls
  • Unlimited Voxer support for questions in between
  • Weekly fun assignments to help you take action toward your 8-week goal
  • Social media, video and graphic design how-to tool videos to elevate your online presence 
  • Surprise gifts via snail mail  :) 
  • 7-day money back guarantee 
  • 50% off as a Founding Member

Clarify Your Message, Start Getting Visible and Become the Woman You Need to Be to Make the Impact You Want to Make

Schedule your free Strategy Session Call! We'll chat big picture what you're looking to make happen in 2019, some quick tips you can start doing that day and then find out if I'm a good fit to help you make it happen!

Have a question?

Ask me anything you'd like to know more about whether it be personal branding in general or the Becoming Her program specifically. My email is or if you prefer social media, drop me a DM in one of the platforms at the bottom. XO


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